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I write about the happy too. But most times, after some tacos, I take a deep breath, listen to quiet..that's when i try.. to write the sadness away.

Day 16

I woke up wanting to die.


Day 15

You have turned into this battle I have to win. When has love become so violent? When has our love become this difficult?

Day 12

We were fearless. We dove in, hearts first. Now we have hit rock bottom, cowering behind excuses and apologies.

Though now it pains us both, I do not regret our gallantry- diving in, despite our already broken limbs. I do not regret you. I do not regret us.

Day 11

I have grown tired of telling our story. From where it began to where it ended.

I have grown tired of counting scores- the record of rights and wrongs.

But I have never grown tired of missing you. God, I miss you. Please come back.

Day 10

Sometimes, love is not enough. There are storms we cannot control and histories we cannot rewrite.

Our love did not go as deep as the wounds in our flesh. It is not enough to love and be loved because the universe is much more complex. It demands patience throughout the unfathomable. But we were too eager.

Now, we sit in silence, distant and defeated. Now, more than ever, I miss you. But Im trying my best not to.

Day 8

We have yet to learn what it means to stay in to handle rough patches and how lessen the scars.

We have become battles to win. As if we were one versus the other, instead of us versus the problem.

Now, we try harder. Love is most definitely not easy.