Still here.

There goes your heart- forgetting the world’s advice, still beating after his breaths, still melting at his gaze.

There goes your heart, attaching itself to places it is not welcome. 

He does not love you. 

But there goes your heart- beating for this love. Beating for both of you.


If one day, all the stars went to sleep..

Then I’d look for you

Because in the dark

I know I’ll be able to recognize

The sweet symphonies of your voice

Deep but assuring

Your own lovely scent

Like manly lilac and lavender

Your coal-black hair

A marsh of curls

Your summer touch

A wonderful  storm

Of a thousand wonderful feelings

Rushing through my system


Your fragile presence

An encumbrance of heaven-like bliss

But one thing I wont see

Is your baby blue eyes

Your gentle stares

Your lucid gaze

Your whirlpool of sunken dreams

So baby, if the stars fell asleep tonight

And came crashing down

I’d wish upon them all

That before my final sleep

I’d see you

Because in your eyes

I’d like to stay