On the tragedy between stars that crossed

Still here.

There goes your heart- forgetting the world’s advice, still beating after his breaths, still melting at his gaze.

There goes your heart, attaching itself to places it is not welcome. 

He does not love you. 

But there goes your heart- beating for this love. Beating for both of you.


I thought of him today

How can I say your name without bitterness filling up my mouth?

‘Cuz just this morning, 5 am this morning

I was walking through the streets we used to walk together,

And I remembered us- half lit cigarettes amidst dim skies,

Looking for a place to eat

A place to chat

A place to search for possibilities

Of you and me

How can I not fall back in love?

When all you ever did was make sure

That each word you whispered

Would find their way to my heart

Make it beat so loud that

I can hear the ‘I love you’

Whenever you ask if I’ve already eaten

Whenever you walk me home

Whenever you kiss me on the forehead just when you think I’ve fallen asleep

How can alcohol not work?

I’ve downed countless shot after shots

But baby, you are a memory I never want to forget

Because all I know

Was you loved me

And I broke you to pieces.

(photo credit: http://favim.com/image/44789/)