broken heart

To the next person who breaks my heart…

If I wasn’t in love with you then I would’ve ran away and danced with the lovely clouds…maybe even sing to the stars of a song written by the galaxies.

If I wasn’t in love with you then my tears would be saved and no sweet flicks will ever destroy my ego.

If I wasn’t in love with you then I wouldn’t be writing this..

The point is I am in love with you and no experience in this lifetime can ever change that. And I guess what I am saying is that I will wait for you even if you choose her..even if the last breath of my life comes… I will wait. And I would take dying a thousands times from seeing your hand touch hers..if it meant perfect blue skies for your your day. I would endure the winter in my heart if it meant hearing your laugh one more time.

In this decade or the next…I will wait.