We will never run out of love.

Here we are again, right? Rewriting the same old goodbyes, keeping up with the same old tiresome chore we call life.

Wake up with nothing but a tiny voice in your head that tells you ‘Don’t you just wanna stop.’ I chuckle. How brave are we? How brave it is that we can still silence that voice..

But we don’t ever stop. We keep living on and on and on, we rest for awhile. Step back, fall into vices- drink, smoke, drugs, kiss, cry, break, throw. But we love again.

Always, do we never run out of love for this world. Because that’s our beauty as humans- we love the travels, cliff diving away all the worries. We love new people, listening to stories of every culture because that is as close as we get to living a life beyond what we have. We love the rain, the sympathy, the silence. We love possibilities, shooting stars, a new season of Game of Thrones, a friendly hello that turns into something much more. We love the smell of a new book- of freshly written poetry, the cry of a baby, the world’s mysterious big foot. We love a cup of coffee, a fleeting sunset. A single second of chance.

We will never run out of love.


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