Chasing fireworks.

The ending and the beginning have a lot of things in common.
For example: 1. Time becomes the enemy. In the ending, you chase all the capture all the sunsets…you run so fast, trying to beat time but seldom stop to check if happiness was keeping up. In the beginning, you treat time with all the fragility you can muster. Always so careful, always so genlte. A little too soft that you never got to do the things you want to do.

2. Its all about change. What to keep and what to throw away. Whom to stay with and whom to leave. Choices are made and chances are twisted. But sometimes we often change too much that we lose the reason of why we change things in the first place.

3. Its always a big celebration. Whether its cracking open the secret cellar full of rum or lighting a  candle…the beginning and the ending are the parts we often remember. How you met he broke your heart. We always forget the middle. The part where the lovers kissed…or watched the skyline turn orange by the beach.

Dear reader, i wish we dont get blinded by the fireworks and cakes and champagne. Theyre all nice but reality is, another year just passed. Whoever we were back then, that person doesnt just disappear. That person doesnt really become a new one…but rather, we better that person…ameliorate for our hopes and dreams.

So that when the count down reaches zero, we live again with more lessons.


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