This. This is the reason why home is where the heart is.

This is the reason why coming back is so hard. You look back and you remember every tone of laughter, every warm smile and all the rare craziness. Home is where yo10672376_858954770801572_1664176500181497321_nu come back to to validate your worth for those people who hurt you. But it’s also a place to thank the people who fixed you and show them how far the bandages have come. Home is where you’ve bled out your soul in every pavement and corner of the street. It is where you leave a part of yourself, a part you will always look back to. And those parts made me realize that looking back at the cries will make you laugh but looking back at the laughs will make you cry.

This home of mine right here, it’s a story of every crack of my heart. It is a story on the patience of a thousand smiles. It is who I am.


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