March of Time

It’s 23 minutes before 10 and all I can think of is when I can sit next to you again…or when I can watch you read again…or when I can ask you meaningless questions that you answer anyway again. Of course, moments like these are fleeting raindrops touching the ground at a fraction of a second before they vanish into a never-ending cycle of things that happen so beautifully yet so rarely.

It’s been 3 months since you captured my pen. It only writes about you now. Call me cliche but this girl right here is stupidly falling for you every step of everyday.

5 days ago, I heard you laugh..5 seconds long. Long enough to quench my thirst for a lullaby that could lull my mood and drain it of all the negativity in this swiftly moving planet.

3 hours ago, the radio played Tee Shirt and I thought of you they way I think of you every single day. But merely 3 flights of stairs later, the song stopped and I came crashing back into this reality. Still hopeless..still breathless..still waiting to catch you take a glimpse of me. But why would you?

Of course, even if this lifetime of mine had more decades than years, you will never see me. To you I will always be the girl whose star never twinkled.


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