Dear love…

Liking you from afar is so hard.

As if you were this magician. Everybody knew all of your tricks but me. You had me the moment you asked for a volunteer. I knew I saw the trapdoor. But I fell anyway. And it hurt. Like drowning… my feet were kicking everywhere because I thought that if kicked hard enough, the ground would rise and resurface my crooked heart.

Why can’t I get you off my mind?

You were never nice to me. You always left this damsel writing you a letter whenever you had the chance. You probably can’t even stand my weirdness. Yet if I could push you off a cliff only to run at the bottom and catch you, I would. Dear love, I don’t know why but I would.

I would carve stairs at the side of a mountain and save you the trouble of hurting your hands from the climb. Love, I would throw a rope and try to tame as many stars as I can to keep you believing that there is this girl who thinks of you every night before she falls asleep.

I would paint you rainbows and make sure they last even during the storms. I’ll keep molding poetry and pour my blood, sweat and tears in each page just to let you know how much I can’t stop thinking of you.

These words in my mouth they taste so bitter. How I wish I could tell you that fates have decided for us to cross paths and left me to fall in love with you.

Dear, this song you hear everyday is not just a song I sing to fill the silence, but its a song that tells you who you are to me. And who you are to me is someone I would write for til my fingers break from all the tenacity when pen collides with paper. Who you are to me is someone I dream of at day.

You are the smile that keeps me enchanted…your dimples, they make me wonder what lies in such deepness. Love, you are the book I keep trying to read. Every piece of you is a page turner but sometimes I feel like the next time I flip one, a tragedy awaits. But its okay because I will love you anyway. Like the ocean loves kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it gets sent away. Like the winds navigating this life without compasses. Like a lost balloon fighting to fly to the moon. Like a drifting paper boat, calm and serene even with the ice berg up ahead. Like the melting snowman embracing the sun rather than running away. Like rain on a dessert so rare yet so quick. Like the distant light of skyscrapers…I will always be so far yet so near. Just call my name and I will come and love you more each day.

Dear love, will you please love me back?


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