Come and Go.

When love came, love came like a wasn’t the perfect weather yet I never missed the chance to dance in the rain.

When love talked to spoke like a dangling chime playing with the wind, like 6-strings in perfect collision with my fingers. It was all just right.

When love looked me in the stared with pure charm, as if love saw all the beauty that never existed within me. It felt like looking through a telescope while the universe send out a trillion shooting stars you never thought existed. They are beautiful but they are dead, too.

When love carried me in his arms, love brought me to places.

But like a flat tire, love just stopped.

There were so many places I wanted to go to, so many adventures I wanted to make, so many photographs I wanted to take, so many memories I wanted to create.

But love stayed away because love had other plans. Love wanted to be in a different time zone. Love wanted to pack a suitcase and walk away to where the sunrise was my sunset. Love wanted to get on a plane that would fly a hundred miles away from where I stood. Love wanted other things. And I wasn’t one of them.

When love went away, love went away like a bonfire..slowly losing parts of the inside until they turned to ashes.

When love left, love didn’t wave goodbye because love wanted to save that goodbye for the future years where we could bump into each other at a random cafe with so many stories to tell about how opposite our lives went. Love wanted that coincidence to be the time to say goodbye because it would be a sweet farewell. Love didn’t want to remember my blood-stained cheeks and flooded eyes and furrowed eyebrows. Instead, love wanted to remember nothing.

And so love went away…just like that. Just like snow flakes in your hand, love melted away…slowly and then all at once.


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