Like a fleeting kiss

Back in the days of my childhood, the only hurt I felt was when I get tooth aches from too much candies and chocolates. The only time I panicked was when I lost sight of my mom in the grocery store. The only time I cried was when dad took away my toys. The only time I got in trouble was from running around too much and not wanting to go to sleep. Every day was like a visit to the candy store.

But that was before.

Time flies and before I knew it, choices were made and chances were screwed up. In a blink of an eye, I am here with an adventure book of all those times I fell in love and met new people and kissed a guy and said I hate life and failed in stuff I always thought I was good at.

Life is like this. It’s like the rain on a stormy Sunday. It falls down so eager to touch the ground yet at the big drumroll when they almost collide comes the fleeting kiss. Then nothing.

Moments are beautiful yet they come and go. Make sure you capture them because nothing in this universe can let you taste them with the sweetness of the first time.


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