It’s 8:13 pm, and I think I’ll start learning how to swim better.

They say that every cell in our body reacts to what the mind thinks of. 

In this case, my mind is full of negativity…therefore my whole body is just sinking in this bottomless pit of misery. 

I can’t seem to fathom why I am never satisfied of the choices I make and the chances I take. It feels like every path is a road block and every dead end is a slap to the face.

Dear reader, I used to wish that life had a reset button. That you can make all the mistakes you can, and make all the wrong choices, but never have to suffer the consequences. Because you can’t deny the fact that life is too messy for too many mistakes. But then I realized, life wouldn’t be worth living if every stolen kiss, every stomach bursting laughter, every fleeting handshakes, and every bit of good memories could all be taken away with just a push of a button.

If life had a reset button, then we wouldn’t really be living. We would all just be existing. Messing with space time continuum would just mess with all the beautiful things life offers.

Dear reader, whatever pain youre going through right now, whatever cliff is tempting you to take the leap, whatever heartbreaks are making you cry right now…always remember, you are human. It’s okay to drown for some time because losing oxygen is the best way to remind your lungs how much it loves the taste of air. Not getting to see the sun rise is the best reminder of that dream you’ll one day wake up to. 

Dear reader, it’s okay not to be okay but don’t ever let the world submerge you into nothingness. 

Swim a little harder.



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