Dear Bestfriend.

I miss you.

I miss the pitter patter of rain perfectly blending with the sound of three mischievous laughter across the flagpole. I miss the tree we named the t(h)ree because it was the tree where the three of us hang out. I miss the songs we sing and I miss the letters we write to each other. And I miss the times we never really agree to wear the same clothes but we end up coincidentally smiling at each other, staring at the same shirt.

I miss watching Harry Potter movies with you because we always had different turfs and different pillows we held on to in my room. I miss the times we didn’t have awkward moments..times when we confessed the things we feel and the stuff we disliked about each other. That was friendship. It didn’t matter if we had fights, what mattered most was that it ended in laughter and music and a stronger bond of sisterhood.

It all ended when we loved the same person. And I wish I just let you be happy because now I feel guilty that I wasn’t the bestfriend I was supposed to be. And now we are miles away from each other. And I never had the chance to say sorry. 

I would write this in a paper, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have the guts to give it to you. 

So for all the times you felt alone, I’m sorry. And for the times I called you hurtful things, I’m sorry. Remember the time we wrote you a blind item entry, I’m sorry. Remember that time I yelled at you out of frustrations, I’m sorry. 

I don’t expect you to forgive me. And I don’t expect the awkwardness to disappear, but I just wish we could be bestfriends again. I wish you could miss me the way you miss your new friends. 

I hope you know that you will always be my “little” sister. 



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