Lies behind the camera.

I dont get why people pay so much attention to commercials when all they secretly say is: 

You are ugly! Buy our make up

You are too fat! Buy whatever unhealthy pills we have

Love your own skin but look so much more better by buying our clothes. In short, your skin is ugly and you need our clothes to cover its ugliness.

Daniel Padilla is eating this junk food. Eat it and be closer to becoming like him.

Don’t get me wrong. I like trying out products and feeling good about myself. But sometimes these commercials are just fuckin annoying.

They put famous people on a pedestal and set this unachievable standard so that the common people will live in vulnerability trying alleviate their imperfections by buying all these products they endorse. 

To those who believe bullshit commercials, please  love yourself first so that you can delineate what makes you feel good from the stuff you buy to look/be like other people. 

Dear society, is that too much to ask?




  1. Wow, I love you’re message and the that you blog about these sorts of bad things that are happening in the media all the time. I totally agree! You should always make sure to feel confident in how you look first, before listening to these ads. Followed you:) I really like you’re posts!

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