Don’t kill yourself

I know, you think dying is easy and living is hard. 

You think everyone won’t even care. 

And if you go missing…

No one would probably look for you…or stay up all night trying to find you. 

But let me tell you what happens after you die. 

Those people that bullied you or hated you or hurt you–theyre gonna put on the best masks to show everyone how sorry they are for all the words they said and all the stuff they did. Bullshit, right?

But for those people who loved you, it’s never gonna be the same for them. Your mother, sisters, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, teachers… they’re never gonna leave the daydream of saving you. Everyday, theyre gonna look back to the night you died and think about how if they were a better person, they couldve probably saved you. Theyre gonna endure everyone’s questions about why you died or how you died. (as if they care)

I had a friend who cried in front of me and told me he’s always thinking about suicide. 

I couldnt lie and tell him that life’s good. I couldn’t even talk. But I couldn’t leave him. I had to be a friend.

So to all of you who wants to do it, please don’t.  

Live for you dreams. Live for love. Live for the memories. Live for friends. 

Don’t kill yourself.



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