The Love of a Gentleman

Friend: Why’d you leave her?

Guy: Because I love her.

Friend: I dont understand.

Guy:  Because you’ve never been the guy who loved a girl so much you’re willing to give up everything for her including your sanity.

Every night between all the paperwork and thesis and exams, I worry if the new guy she loves remembers to call her and say good night.

I worry if the new guy forgets to walk her home and warms her with hugs and interrupts her with light kisses and showers her with honest words.

I just cant bear the thought of her alone in the rain with no one to run to… I dont even want her to be unhappy.

She deserves someone who brings her ice cream when she’s on her monthly period, someone who’ll get to see the different sides of her being but still love her at the end of the day..someoone who drives her to Mcdo for midnight snacks or carries her books and sings her a lullaby.

Friend: How do you know she wants all those things?

Guy: Because I used to be the guy who does those things for her.

Friend: So what happened?

Guy: Love ran out of fight. Love left us. Love left me.


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