Cups of Life.

Note: Im kinda trying on different styles of writing so I hope I make sense with this piece 🙂


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Everyday is a different cup of coffee, some bitter, some sweet, some bland and some just right.

And day by day we keep on sipping and sipping and sipping, not really wanting to put down the mug. No.

Maybe because we kinda hope that the taste changes over time. We kinda keep trying and trying until we get the perfect blend of creaminess and sweetness and darkness. Yet once we get to the right mix, we cant stop drinking…and after some time, the taste of life changes again.

I guess sometimes the world wants to give us a Cappuccino or Latte or brewed coffee. Cuz it wouldnt feel good to keep drinking the same one every single day.

I guess nothing in this world is ever permanent. We get to the good parts and we get to the bad parts. But we never really stop moving with the world.

Thats why in the morning, not knowing what the coffee’s gonna taste like is life’s thrill itself. Unpredictable. Mysterious. An adventure. 😉


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