To the girl who thought she was ugly

You are not the monster they say you are. You are not a centerpiece of mediocrity nor some guy’s property…or even cupid’s lone victim. You are not a slave of the world’s criticisms.

You are so much more.

All your dreams, advocacy and passion- that’s who you really are!

You are the words you speak, the thoughts you think, the songs you sing. You are not what your horoscope defines you as..but you are the person who fathoms her own constellations.

You are the damsel not in distress. You are the glow of ocean of vast wonder…a fleeting kiss..a shooting star.. a beam of dancing auroras brighter than any fire those demons can spark.

You are as lovely as the fresh bloom of roses in spring…much more enchanting than the most perfect sunset at the beach.. much more inspiring than what they say you are.

You are not your past.

You are your choices.

You are human.

You are beautiful.



  1. I just saw you followed me over at Petals so I came here to see what you are all about. And I read this. And I really liked what I read. It’s time for all of us to break out of the chains that say what defines us. Only WE can define who we are, so this post really spoke Truth to me. Keep speaking Truth, I do so encourage you!! I also followed you, because like anyone else, I need reminding of these Truths myself, especially when the world around me gets loud and insistent that I am what I am not. Thank you for being YOU! Love, Amy

  2. Hello Pretty girl,
    Firstly thank you for following my blog, your blog is
    A wonderful creation of your own marvellous heart.
    Believe me there is no better poem that I’ve read than this which makes me feel that I am lucky to be me. Hope that you are liking the process of writing your thoughts. Radiating peace. Stay beautiful. Keep writing. πŸ™‚

      1. Hey there!
        Inspiration comes from people who dream and try.
        I am not a big girl I’m just a believer before the humanity.
        I hope you know that you inspire me to be .
        May life surprise you and me alike. ❀

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