Love. Chances. Deception.

“Maybe love stays
Maybe love can’t
Maybe love shouldn’t”
-Sarah Kay

Maybe I spent too much time watching the stars that I forgot the beauty of sunrise. Maybe I was too busy avoiding the edge of the cliff that I forgot to save myself from jumping.

Maybe I held my chances too long that I let it slip out of my fingers.

That’s the funny thing about think you have so many but when the doors start to close, you scramble to leave everything behind and fit to the tiny space the door left open. You’re just hurting yourself.

Dear, listen. The door doesnt want you anymore. No matter how much you squeeze your soul into it, its not for you. And you have to accept that. Stop trying to punish yourself. Instead, leave.

Go back and start picking up the pieces to the lego house you built.

And maybe you think that door is gonna open anytime. So you watch it. It taunts you, but you stare at it anyway.

Sometimes, it does open.

But most of the time it doesn’t.

Thats when pain takes over. That when frustration slaps you hard in the face. Thats when every fiber of you breaks down. That’s when you feel empty..lost..gone.

Because all you ever wanted was the chance you couldve had in that door. But you only realized that when it closed.

Its just deception playing with you. Its anchoring you down, its just making you slower. Fight it! Don’t let it define you.

Dear reader, keep moving forward. Cuz when one door closes, a million more opens. You just have to start looking again.

So maybe love doesn’t always stay, that doesn’t mean the love I deserve doesn’t exist.

I believe in love. I believe in chances. I believe in deception.

But most of all, I believe in the story the stars will write for me 🙂


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