To all the broken lovers.

She stared at him with the stare that could trigger a million feelings all at once. She stared into his eyes..the eyes that held her entire universe.
She stared and she drifted away. She drifted way too much as if he was her gravity. She stared too much at the light as if his entire being burned out her eyes with tormenting guilt and graceful sin.
She watched him dance with some pretty girl at prom while she sat alone in the back table dreaming about what it would feel like if it was her hand he was holding or her eyes he got lost in or her hip he was touching.
She watched him walk with the pretty girl through the corridors, hold her close and bring her flowers.
Even on Valentine’s Day, she watched him serenade the pretty girl in beautiful harmonies and sweet rhythms that made everyone say “awww”
Everyday she cried. Every fuckin day it hurt. It felt like slipping through thin ice and just falling into nothing but an abyss of darkness while the water burned like ice. It was nothing but pain..the type of pain that doesnt just vanish with a joke or a stroll through the park. It was the type of pain that had to be felt.
He broke every single day that a person can be broken. But it wasnt his fault. Nor should we put the blame in the stars.
Dear reader, her love for him was a noble love.
One day, she stopped staring…not because she didnt love him anymore but because she realized that a miracle wouldnt just appear on her doorstep. Because if she really did love him then she she would show him in every little way possible…doing nothing about it isnt love.
Love felt isnt really love unless its shown.
And even if his feelings doesnt reciprocate hers, its okay because at least she’ll know that she did something about it rather than to idly sit by and complain to the universe why she never got her sweet kiss on top of the Eifel Tower.
Dear reader, I know its frustrating when things dont work out between people but I believe that our duty is on the love that we give rather than to the person. Its our job to give the best of what love is and show it to the person we love even if the world disappoints us with failures and rejections. At least we can go to bed at night knowing that we did one great hell of a job taking a leap of fate into the edge of the cliff. Thats better than staying up late rewinding the whole scene frame by frame in our head regretting the things we couldve done but didnt do.
So despite the pounding of her heart and the twisting of her stomach and the screaming of her lungs…she walked up to him with hair all messed up and a face stained red..she smiled and said “Hi 🙂 “


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