Dear friend…

I am inlove with you! And I am never gonna get tired of saying it.. Even when my friends role their eyes at the sound of your name.. Even when the whole of the universe conspires against me… Even when every single guy I meet at a coffee shop or at the streets tells me they love me.. Especially then, will I forever more take pleasure in writing the words “I love you” before your name.
Because…if I didnt love you then I wouldnt care for you beyond any rationality. I wouldnt have ran 7 flights of stairs just to catch up with you in the rain and tell you goodbye. I wouldnt have written all those stories of us and kept all those photos of us. I wouldnt be watching your life from distant constellations. If I didnt love you, I wouldve just taken the world’s advice and gave up. Maybe I wouldve even stopped thinking of the girl who’s breaking your heart right now.
But dear love, I am in love with you. And I dont think anything in this lifetime or the next, can ever change that.
I love you…


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