The Magic of Time

Ive forgotten what it feels like to write with a broken feel all the hurt at the tip of my fingers and let the words scream the horror taunting me. I guess Ive forgotten how it feels like to wake up at 3 a.m. and cry over every little stupid decision I wish I couldve changed. Maybe Ive changed…or better yet, maybe Ive recovered.
Time is a bitch. She screws with everyone..creating deadlines, running so fast, ending moments, making people do the unthinkable. TIME doesnt give a fuck about anything. It just keeps on moving no matter how many curses it hears or how many perfect sunsets it ruins. But one thing we all love about TIME is that it heals. It opens more doors and opportunities for us to uncover and it evolves us with all the lessons of yesterday. It keeps us believing that some things can go on beyond infinity.Cuz time is a proof itself.
On the days when we think the tears will never end or that there is no way out other than the edge of a building, time reminds us that the sun will rise and set no matter what burdens we meet for today.
Just think about it, Rome wasnt built in a day. Even God needed 7 days to create the world. Even YOU. You had to be carried around for nine months before the world finally saw you..and even then, you were crying. But soon enough, after some time, you grow.
Dear reader, keep your head up high. I mean if the world wars ended with time, Im sure youll get to the good parts too. Remember to thank TIME- the most stubborn friend ever 😉


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