When words become us

They called her a slut..

because she couldn’t help being naturally fit. She loves working out and every meal there never is a day when carrots and apples go missing. My..mmy.. she has the perfect figure. No wonder all the guys stares at her maliciously as she walks down the corridor. But she’s really just taking care of herself. No matter how unrevealing her clothes were, they didn’t stop the dirty glares and nasty comments. One day, the insults got worse. 


So that night she ate nothing but  doughnuts and cakes and burgers and pizzas. She wanted to so much to be fat now so that people wont call her a slut anymore. 

The next morning she woke up sick from all the junk she ate. She felt like a slut who did everything to fit in.

They called the teacher a loser

..because she laughed at anything silly and wears this ugly blue bracelet to class every single day. At 7:30 in the morning she teaches general science where her students secretly call her the “Ugly Duckling” because she wore no make up and her complexion was gray more than white and wrinkles took over her face. At 10:00 am she lectures on about genetics to the upper classmen where they call her “The Mutated Toad” At 3:00 she gives her best to keep her head high and march to her last class-Physics, where they call her “The Failed Rocket”.

By 5 pm she would disappear into the library where she cries everyday. Little do her students know that she’s recently going through a divorce. Why you ask? Because by the years she grows into the Ugly Duckling and The Mutated Toad and The Failed Rocket. And her only daughter- the girl who made the blue bracelet, has cancer. 

So everyday she tries to survive all the shit live gives her, only to end up crying in one corner believing she was a loser.

They called the captain of the football team stupid

..because they think all he can do is run fast  with a ball. But secretly he’s very smart and talented. He loves to play the violin. It is his one true passion. One day he wants to be a part of a famous orchestra that could tour the world and take him to places he could only dream of. But of course, he had a reputation to build so he kept his mouth shut. 

Everyday after football practice, when his jacket is off, he sneaks into the music room to play. No one ever knew how talented he was.In every way, he felt stupid because he let the words of others control him.



  1. This makes me sad. You point out the obvious. Why can’t people do things that they really want? Because we get scared on what they might think. Some cannot point out what’s the truth behind those actions because people will gossip. Freakin’ unwritten rule of our society.

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