Beautiful things to remember

I’ve been reading a lot of my previous writings lately and I guess I realized that I write not because I want to be a famous author someday but because on the days I lose hope..on the days when nothings sounds better than the thump from the collision of my body with the bed..on the days when all i see becomes blurry from all the tears..on the days when the world somehow decided it hates me..on the days of pure sadness, at least I would have the  voice of my past reminding me what used to be good.

Before, the only pain I cried from was missing my favorite cartoon on TV, and getting tooth aches from the endless pot of sweets, and being left alone in the middle of the supermarket when mom has to go grab some cheese and milk. A decade ago, the only things I got in trouble for was running around too much and breaking the vase and being in places I should not be in and screaming too loud. The only thing I have to worry about before going to bed was not wanting to go to bed. Everyday was play day and every minute was sweetness and light and cookies and pancakes.

But times have changed. Im growing up because I have to..because the universe demands me to..because life wants me to…and because Im learning.

But dear reader, no matter how old you are, dont ever forget what used to be good. What used to break you down and keep you going. Always remember your roots but be careful not to live in them because life has a lot more to give. Remember the good times and also the bad times because we would never know the worth of such memories if not for all the bad. So be grateful for everything. Cuz you’ll never know what can happen next 😉


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