I, a lover.

Which would you rather be:

A. That person who’s sweet voice shouts into the void for a chance in romance..

or B. That person who waits for the warmth of another hand upon his.

I’d choose none.

Dear reader, looking for someone is too desperate. And waiting for someone is too damn cliche.

I’d rather be the person who’s name is so beautiful to call upon. Someone who’d spend their time being who they are. I’d wear my fandom shirts and not care if all the pretty girls wear dresses. I’d wake up everyday and eat pancakes because I love pancakes even if they make me fat. I’d listen to Ed Sheeran and never get tired of putting his songs on repeat. I’d never talk in a shy girl tone because that’s not me at all. I’d wear my hair the way I want it. I’d read whatever books contained words that fly me to the galaxies. I’d never stop bursting out into a song whenever I feel like it. And I’d always remember to look for owls outside my house during summer. I’d hug my pillow to sleep because there is nothing as fluffy as my pillow. I’d be happy to smile everyday knowing I am who I am so that when the day comes when I meet that special someone, he would fall in love not because I’m his ideal girl..but because I made him realize what he was looking for all along.



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