Black and White and Everything in Between

Any second now…I’d go jump off a roof. Not because I believe I can fly, but because I believe they’d catch me. 


I’ve been told that the world is a chaos of wonder. But little did I know how much different words are from actual experience. 

Once upon a time, there was a damsel who believed the world was dark and twisted and bad. She believed that on the days when the  songs never seem to end and the sun never seem to set and the laughter never seem to fade, she’d see the war ships coming to shore to balance all the good with bad.

Once upon a time she believed that the edge of the cliff meant death. And that the six impossible things before breakfast remained impossible. And that the world is constant and that change is too permanent to attempt. And that the monsters under her bed would hunt her even in her dreams.

She believed so much in the negativity of the cosmos that nothing seemed beautiful to her. Until she met the people who came with umbrellas.

And so her life change from the moment she met them- a girl of wisdom, tall and witty, who stood up for so many things and never let anyone tell her otherwise…a fair maiden with her signature mole, who did not go a day without a joke in her pocket.. the damsel of brown and beauty that never forgot one story she told..she showed her the value of friendship and memories made. As for the three boys who came in with the slightest pinch of swag, she learned from them that FRIENDSHIP is so beautiful..that there is a bond that exists within them…that she would never have to walk to the gates at night alone…that LOVE is also beautiful..and that her tears will soon fade…the three scarfed knights were his companions through all the sadness and happiness of this roller coaster we live in. 

Soon enough she realized that life isn’t only black and white..its also everything in between.


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