I’m sixteen, but if I should have a daughter..

..then maybe the first thing I’ll ever teach her is how to wish upon a shooting star..because there is nothing more beautiful than the spark of hope on such young eyes. I’ll hold her tiny little hands as we walk through the beach, watching the sun set into oblivion. But most importantly I’ll let her believe that in this world are fairy tales that one can live. 

I will tell her the tales of the monsters that hide in her closet and the mermaids that live in a kingdom deep within the heart of the ocean..I will tell her everyday the tale of a courageous knight who saved a lonely damsel from a troll in their school. Because what is life without a touch of magic and adventure. 

Reader, I will let her find her way up the clouds and let her fly and fall and stumble. Because she will grow up and she will see the never-ending possibilities my mother never showed me. She will metamorphose into a butterfly full of wonders and in her palms she will carry a piece of life’s pain. 

Because Darling, life is a battlefield. You will grow up to be a warrior. You will look for your own path– and on your way, you’ll make mistakes. You can never go through life without making mistakes. But baby, treasure those moments of complete regret and utter chaos. Because those are the very lessons that will keep you going. And if you feel like crying, then I’d bring you some chocolates..because even chocolates can defeat bad-ass dementors. I’ll always keep the door open, and I’ll bake cookies in case Santa Claus comes over and checks if you’ve been naughty or good. 

Life is beautiful.. but if doubt is clouding your days, then come and sit on my lap and I’ll sing to you the song of the meadows.

Dear, fall in love. But also watch over yourself because you are a gift that could easily be messed around with. Go look for the right man but also know that life isn’t a desperate search for HIM. Enjoy your days as much as you can because youth isn’t forever.

Dear reader, (mostly to parents),  I am a sixteen year-old and all my life I have been surrounded with expectations, rules and limitations. The more my parents tried to force me to become who they wanted me to be, the more I wanted to stray away from them. Dear parents, we teenagers become rebellious sometimes because we want to make a statement, sometimes because we don’t like the chains that has been choking us.. times have changed. Your era is different from ours. At least understand that there is no manual for life.. We make mistakes, we get in trouble, but also remember, WE LEARN.

So dear hypothetical daughter of mine, on the days I’ll be sitting on my rocking chair with wrinkles from all the times I have worried about life and with my back bowed down by the centuries of burden and my hair  white from all the lessons I’ve learned, I’ll be wearing a smile..one that reflects all the memories I’ve gained. On the days each minute becomes my last, spending my time knitting some mittens for my grandchildren, tell me all the great stories of life. Tell me how you flew across the universe. And tell me, how you found your star. 


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