When will you ever forget the beauty of sunrise?

..and he said “When I finally see her smiling beside me when I wake up in the morning…”

But who’s she?

He smiled. And took my hand, placed it on his chest. I was nervous, it was as if touching something so fragile..until I felt his heartbeat. Subtle. And alive. And beautiful.

Then he whispered “My sunrise is the person I wake up for each morning, the reason why the days never seem to be dull, she’s why I never go to bed without a smile, she’s my kryptonite, I love her like Snape loves Lily. I’d love her til hell freezes over. I’d love her even if we are galaxies away from each other.”

She’s must be pretty lucky.

He looked at me, my fingers intertwined with his..I fall into his lucid gaze.. I am hypnotized.

“Im the one who’s lucky.”


Because she’s holding my hand right now.


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