(photo credits: tumblr)

Dear reader, I think LOVE is an involuntary just know it when you feel it. It’s not something you can force out or describe or explain.. Love is going crazy about not seeing him.. 

Love is a smile…one so beautiful that it makes the wind sing and the clouds cry and the universe exalt in intergalactic staccato bursts of unimaginable wonder..

To love is to write.. to feel all the emotions at the tip of your fingers as if the entire cosmos is at arms if nothing in this world is as fulfilling as holding the hand of the love of your if the whole of the baby blue skies is concealed within his eyes.. as if I have forgotten the warmth of the sun every time we lock each other in one infinite embrace.

Love is creating a poem..lovers are poets for all their vows and promises are so lovely to hear and even lovelier to say but it becomes loveliest when they keep it.. and when they kiss.. it is as if they are scribbling their passion into each other’s that their love will live on with every curve of the lips.

To fall in love, dear reader, I don’t think there is anything as wonderful as simply falling in love. It is a storm of a million wonderful feelings.. Breath-taking.


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