I’m just not that into you..

I don’t get it why I never have the gush of a million wonderful feelings brought about by blood rushing through my veins, making its way to my face, coating my cheeks with a tomato red glow whenever I’m with you. It’s nice holding you’re hand..but that’s the problem, it’s just nice. It’s not something I go crazy for..and think about every night before I go to sleep.

We’ve had moments..you’ve given me a lot of memories to one day tell within the numbered days we have before I live for Manila. But darling, I don’t know how to be something you miss..I don’t know  what’s wrong with me but  you make me feel so insignificant.. as if I am just a companion..instead of the Juliet as to you are Romeo. 

But dear love, I’m just no that into you.


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