Looking for happiness

Dear love, if the moon caught on fire tonight, would you fly to outer space and rescue me? Or would you sit idly by and watch the explosion of red and orange through the darkness of the universe as you hold her hand… Of course, you’d choose her. She IS your happiness, right?

Me: Wow, you look beautiful today.. is there an occasion?

Friend: No, it’s just that I’m trying to win.

Me: Win what?

Friend: The whole break-up, Duh!

Me: Is there even such a thing as winning the break-up?

Friend: Of course! And I figured ..to win the break-up I should be hotter than the girl my ex is dating right now. So I win! 

Dear reader, why do some people find pleasure in the sufferings of another? Why must one laugh at the pain of his companion and enemy? Why is everyone so busy trying to win everything, when they can enjoy the happiness life offers.

I don’t think that there is a game that must be one between lovers..I think what matters after a break-up is the real reason behind the break-up. I mean, in the first place, why was separation necessary? And now that it happened, do you feel happy? Because that’s the goal right? We tend to stay away from the people we love to pursue something we all want to achieve which is HAPPINESS. Because if the person is already our happiness then why would we want to be away from them.. 

Trying to compete with someone who is not even against you is just ridiculous. Sometimes, breakups are frustrating..I know, I’ve been there..done that. And sometimes the heart does not break even which leaves one vulnerable. But I think what’s important after a break-up is understanding why it happened and turning all the bitter pain into lessons for the next person we give our hearts to. 

Love is beautiful in many ways. Even break-ups are beautiful because one day we realize how much we grew out of these happenings and sure, we cry for sometime, but by the time we stand up and try again..we learn and stumble and fall and fly. 

Love is lovelier the nth time around.

Dear reader, do I even make sense right now?



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