Give me some time to miss you.. 

…because maybe one day, I’ll look down at my lap and remember how you fell asleep on it…my fingers brushing your hair and my lungs trying so hard to steady my breaths to minimize movement as not to wake you up. Maybe Mcdo breakfasts will never be the same without you urging me to eat more and more then tell me I’m fat when I finish. My head will one day tilt from all the burden of pain and not have your shoulder to lean on. I would have to wipe the tears alone because months from now you will be miles away from this damsel in distress writing you a letter..months from now you would probably be in someone else’s dreams. And I can’t bear that.

More than that, I won’t have someone else to call when I have the sudden urge to watch a movie. I have no one to have mood swings on and still love me at the end of the day. Soon enough I’ll realize that I don’t have someone I complain to about my weight..And my hands will fill empty. My whole heart would be drained. 

And maybe by the time I miss you…you’re already long gone…just like the others in my long list of traitors.


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