Don’t think, just live.

You can’t unwrite what has already happened. And that scares me. Because what if, in the end comes the plot twist when you don’t end up with me and all those days we spent together in each other’s arms becomes plain old memories that I want out of my mind? Tell me, will the day come when I can unlove you and move forward?

I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of yesterday..even today. But mostly, I’m terrified of tomorrow. But life doesn’t really care. An armed soldier in a war won’t hesitate to kill an enemy slowly walking by trying to decide which side he’s really on. I don’t want to keep hiding and being scared. I don’t think that’s living at all.

I can’t be wasting my time trying to decide how to live my life because that at all is not LIVING. I want to jump so high I could ride the clouds to tomorrow. But then, I would realize, clouds are made of thin air, I, dear reader, am fat and will eventually fall. But on the way down, I want to soar a little with the eagles, then dive deep into the trenches that hold such mystery. I want to swim with the turtles and battle with the sharks, going deeper each time. Then if I reach deep enough and realize that my body is not made for such pressure under water, I would climb up..and spend my time floating into no where..until I reach an island where I’ll have coconuts breakfast. And I’ll scavenge the forest for all the little things I could use. Then I’ll meet a tiger and cuddle with him and name him Mr. Tiger. I’ll swing on vines and shout at the top of my lungs. Then soon enough, there’ll be snakes and poisonous plants and I would run away. And look for another adventure.

Life is like this. It’s full of moments that you can’t really plan. There are times when life tells you to stay and take a bite of its sweetness. Sometimes, it gives you rest. And most of the time it sends of warnings to tell you to move forward and keep the journey full of moments and adventures and trouble and chaos and wonders.

Dear reader, sometimes, we just have to stop thinking too much and just LIVE.



  1. I know for sure I think way too much! I think before anything which can be good and bad at the same time because like you say people want you to live feel free from the world and soar like the birds but you can’t till you learn to let go which is what I have to learn. nice entry though.

    1. thanks for sharing your own thoughts about this šŸ™‚ and yeah, everything we do will always have a bad side and good side, we just have to know how to weigh the effects and how much we’re willing to sacrifice šŸ™‚

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