A chaos of my thoughts

I don’t speak not because I’m afraid but because in my mind is a chaos of thoughts..never to be fathomed into one decent idea. I hate to watch people believe in impossibilities but when I talk and tell them that life IS full of possibilities, I don’t want the fingers to be pointed at me when the man jumps off the bridge believing he could fly. I refuse to share a piece of my complexity for it may be too dull that no one would ever stay and hear me out.

I am not deaf to society’s pleads for help and peace. It’s just that I don’t want to start agreeing with everything that it just comes down to me believing in nothing at all. I know that people suffer from poverty. I know that world hunger is a huge problem. I know that global warming is buzzing everyone around. I am aware, but I don’t want to speak.

I don’t want to join a bandwagon of people sharing and liking photos on Facebook praying and hoping that each like and share can suddenly modify its cyber molecules and turn into food that can feed the poor or shelter that can save the homeless or medicine that could save the dying.

I dont want to be a mindless zombie trying to follow the trends of society..simply looking out for where the meat and brains are.

Instead, I want to take action. Because people often judge words before they see the kind of action these words may come to. I want to help. And maybe I can. And I don’t have to speak. I’ll let my hands dive into society’s vast ocean of malfunctioning brains and plant seeds upon them.

I’ll stop laying around the couch and maybe run a marathon to save cancer kids. I’ll turn off my lights for the Earth hour stuff. Maybe even donate my old stuff to charities. I could maybe study more so that one day I won’t be one of those Filipinos that go abroad thinking they’re modern day heroes by bringing dollars back to the country..maybe I’ll stay and share in the burden of my country. Dear reader, I know it sounds cliche..something one would write to win an essay contest. And for a 16-year old its far too impossible. But who says it can’t come true?

Dear reader, I want to be a someone someday. I think I’ll start by believing and taking a step forward. Are you with me?


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