The smile of a weeper

I cry because whenever words seem to fail and all hope is lost and gone, just sitting down in one corner and crying my eyes out seems to be the best option.

I cry to make the you understand that I am hurt. And that I am at an edge of a cliff..and at the bottom of the cliff is an ocean of incurable misery just waiting to swallow whats rest of the soul that used to be filled with so much glee.

I cry because on the days life offers me a series of paths, only tears can comprehend the agony of choosing the wrong way. I cry when my mind is too full of chaos that nothing else in this universe can cure all the pain and sadness. I cry all the time because when words fail and actions do further damage, only the weeps of a little damsel can make a difference.

I cry because after I cry, I wipe away the tears..And it is that moment when I shrug off the worries and wipe away my tears do I become stronger. I cry because after I cry, my eyes see clearer and my mind works better.

I cry because I know that in the end, once I get pass drowning from all the tears, it all leads to something good. And no smile is sweeter than the smile of one who has finished crying…one who is stronger than ever. the smile of a weeper.



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