I let down my hair for the wrong prince..

..and he stole me.

Why is it that life teaches us to run so fast before it can ever slow down. So that on the days when we finally get the hang of it, life ruins us. We trample. We crash. We burn.

I am not your Cinderella. I don’t fit the shoe. But you loved me anyway. Because like Sleeping Beauty, I was a maiden stuck in my dreams, never to  be touched by reality, and never to be messed with by nightmares of horrible creatures. But you showed me the beauty of the world. You let me take a bite of the apple..like Snow White did. You watched me sink my teeth into the vast impossibilities of the universe before you told me it all contained poison. YOU LIAR.

And when I realized my stupidities, you watched me wrap myself in fear and lock myself up in the tower. Then you called upon me. “Oh fair damsel of the wretched tower, let down your hair for I shall show you the stars tonight.”

For all we thought it was a night of valor… I let you in… but you left right after I fell. YOU CHEATER.

And so now outside my castle is a dragon for one to be brave enough to defeat. But more importantly, it protects me from all the unworthy knights of your kind. Please dear one, I am fragile and I can only take so little cracks before my mind tells me to grab the blade.

All love ever did was break and burn and end.

So dear love who claims he can love me more, will you slay the dragon, will you save me- a damsel in distress?



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