All of Him

funny how in the middle of the night

my mind keeps sensing your presence

in my dreams and in everything

and by the time a new dawn comes upon us

the corners of my room is

still filled with YOU


funny how we used to fly so high

on cloud nine and kiss ’til the rain stops pouring

and now we pass by each other

as if everything that was once magical

has now faded into oblivion


i can feel every bit of your happiness when

you left me and found another

and the universe hates fairness

so it made sure our hearts dont break even

one is happier than the other

i just dont know which one..


maybe im too naive to comprehend

this whole idea of love.. that love

is so beautiful when in reality

it really is not..

but then again..


love CAN be beautiful

if those who play the game plays it well

it is not love to blame for all the hurt

its rejection that hurts..

’tis the drama that’s dull

depression doesn’t happen with love

but it happens with hurt

and hurt comes when trust breaks

and one pushes the other away

but in the end,

who is to say that the love once formed

isn’t beautiful at all?


of course it is beautiful because

even if you deny it,

i was once your sanity and

you were once my oxygen

it just so happened that love left us

and that we found love with another


so dear reader,

i am in a hangover

from all the stuff and memories

he left behind

because its far too impossible for me

to ever forget

all of him.


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