I wonder what my future husband is doing right at this very moment? Is he just sitting around the corner? Or maybe he’s in London, never expecting that the girl she will one day marry is sitting in her room, wondering about life beyond today. Maybe he’s in a bar right now.. drinking and cursing and smoking. I hope he’s reading the same books I love right now. Maybe he’s staring into someone’s eyes at this very second, lost in the wrong whirlpool of beauty. Or maybe he’s always been beside me… forever patient and caring.

But whoever you are.. dear future husband..

Take me to Disneyland.. where I’ll show you why being young is so beautiful. We will ride all the roller coasters, eat some pretzels, watch the fireworks and kiss under the castle. There, you’ll be my prince and I’ll be your princess and maybe we’ll write our own fairy tale…it doesn’t have to be a perfect one..YOU just have to be in it.

Stay up with me all night.. I want to watch the stars and fall asleep in your arms and love you more each morning I wake up. But don’t ever leave me in the middle of the night..I’d rather not wake up at all than to not see you when I open my eyes.

Cook me breakfast..and lunch..and dinner. Dear love, I don’t know how to cook and I would  marry a chef ..only if that chef is YOU. Better yet, let’s go to McDonald’s at 6 a.m. in our pajamas. Then we’ll walk by the beach and you’ll tell me chapter 1 of how we met.

Paris is every girl’s dream. But for me, being locked within your arms is already a dream come true. I’d drown in your eyes and still fall deeper everyday.

So whoever you are…I’ll find you. One day, I’ll find you and you will be perfect.


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