Why can’t you see me?

You say you love me but in your eyes I’m invisible. 

Look at me. Can’t you see my tear-stained cheeks and the patches on my skin? Maybe the intensity of your deafness is just too damn high that makes it impossible for you to hear the quivers in my voice and the hurt in my tone. 

You’re laughing. Because on the other end of the room, she’s there…smiles and all, so radiantly beautiful. I don’t blame you for loving her before..I mean she’s perfect. And I’m not. 

While a cloud of misery follows me, you bathe in her sunny blue skies. And I’m here at one corner waiting for you to even notice me.Waiting for you to hold my hand and maybe open up an umbrella to protect me from all the negativity of this world.

I am clingy. I know. It’s only because I crave for security and love and tenderness. Something you obviously can’t give me. And so I am invisible.



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