The time I screwed my chances

Think back.. Recall all those times you really wanted to thank someone or slap someone in the face or probably kiss someone. Look back and remember the reasons you did’nt do all those things. Is it because of fear? Or hatred? Or remorse?

Dear reader, what is harder? To live a lie or regret the future. Maybe stupidity is contagious. We are living in a world of bread with no butter, information but no analysis, speed but no accuracy, happiness but no sense of truth.

If I had the chance to go back and time and change my mind on a certain decision, I would go back to December and hold his hand close to my heart. But if I did that, then today I would be living in sin.. I would be stuck in my own false Utopia- where I always get what I want but never grow up.

Time is so cruel..but with cruelty can we only see how much life wants us to learn. Though we often blame the universe, we can never get to our happiness if all our lives, everything has been handed to us from a silver platter. Only can we see through the twisted tricks of life if we stop chasing time and start letting go of our grips on the clock’s hands and find our own cloud nine..maybe fly so high that we may even conquer space. But at some point we would have to fall. And  by the time our body collides with the ground at terminal velocity comes the regret of ever letting go on the handle bars of control.

Soon enough we would live so cautiously that we are like zombies- mindless but mostly lifeless. But dear reader, it is in our our blood to seek for absolute bliss. And definitely can we naver reach felicity if we just sit by the sidelines. A sword must be burned and hammered and flattened before it becomes a strong companion for any battle. A man who only stands by the bus stop can never go anywhere in life if he only stands and wait. One must risk himself before arriving at anything.

Dear reader, I believe that everything happens for a reason. And sometimes the reasons are not always what we expect them to be. We just often have to keep trying and growing up. So that one day, we may smile to the universe, fallen but brave..scarred but beautiful…broken but worth it. 


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