I’m gonna pick up the pieces..and build a Lego house.

I can live without your hugs.. 

Because in me is a soul brave enough to survive the cold with just my own arms around my body. In my hands is the heat of the most bitter thing in this world- tears…tears that have rusted the stupidity within me that used to control me.

Take your words..I don’t need them.

I’m sixteen- young and scarred by reality. But my life does not revolve around the search for the right HIM. I may be a damsel in distress but in this beautiful life of mine, I am eager to search for my future bridesmaids that will stand by me through all the tests of time and the ones who will walk the aisle before me, making sure that the path I am taking is one worth sacrificing my youth. 

I do not need words that will vanish into thin air..for only actions can prove what the heart can only beat for. 

And when you’re long gone..who do I love?

I will love myself more. Because I deserve to grow. I’m gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house..one so fragile yet so amazing. I will make more mistakes because I love myself. Not taking any leap of faiths is like not living at all. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Love is fragile. Because the great things in life are just like sugar..they crumble easily but dont be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste the sweetness life offers. 

And so today, I stand before the mighty universe..weak and tired. But I will not be vaporized into oblivion. Instead, I will recover and I will fly again…I will soar so high that even gravity will give up on trying to put me down.

Dear reader, it is in our nature to feel and be hurt. But it is only ourselves who can defy the odds and smile again. I guess I choose to smile and wait and live life.


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