The difference in our horizons.

“Distance doesn’t matter.”

Of course that’s a lie. Distance matters. It creates a giant gap between all the hugs and kisses that used to be so sweet and warm and summer-like. It forges a whole new meaning for the words “I miss you”-making it dark and twisted and painful. 

Love, by the time the curtains close and the gates of college open, miles between us will stretch and we will never get the same feeling of getting to school and seeing each other. The days we have with each other are dwindled down into numbered slowly dying sunsets..shy walks through the corridors..and infinite smiles shared.

Our love is new, but who the hell says that love cannot withstand the seasons of love? 

Through the wintry days, I will miss you the most. Because it will always be your warm touch that brings the whole of me into heavenly bliss. No hot coco can ever kindle the same heat as your skin on mine. And it is through the breezy nights that I will miss your hugs the most. No blanket can ever be good enough to replace your presence beside me. But darling, I would take all the ache of our distance.

By spring, my mind would be going crazy from not seeing your face-your eyes, your smile, YOU..But no matter what number the clocks point to, I will never give up on waiting because by summer, I would be coming home. And I will know that you have waited..and that you have missed me throughout the seasons of love. 

But I guess, while I was breaking my heart, missing you, you were already long gone…Before I could say you were leaving, you already left and said no goodbye. When finally, the distance between us closed, you were already keeping your vows with someone else. 

Through the chilly nights of winter, you were hugging her. On the days when the sun never seem to rise and set, your hands were glued to hers. And when spring came, you loved her as much as I loved you. By summer…you already forgot about me.

And so the last leaf of autumn fell, yet all I think about is still you. And how you broke me. And how you left a scar, different than all the others. I want to say that is’t my favorite scar..but no. It’s the type of mark that no matter how hard you try to make it disappear, it will always be there to haunt you. 

And so dear reader, non-threatening as empty space is between people, if put together with love and broken promises, it has the power to rupture you through all the seasons of life.



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