Looking for summer in the wintry days

It’s strange how I used to cry for one guy and hate the world for all the hurt…but then in the streets, I see homeless children smile at me, I see underemployed geniuses stay humble and kind, I see unfortunate victims get up and laugh again, I see the spark of hope in lost youth. I thought to myself, maybe they’re all just used to the misery of this world. But then again, maybe I was just used to seeing them survive everyday.

And I realize, maybe the world is tough and thats why we have to be tougher..we just often see it as a burning pit for all the bitterness and remorse. We never really try to change our perception towards it. And I guess, I don’t blame people for taking drugs or smoking cigarettes…because if all they see is darkness then maybe they’d rather be blind to the truth and feel the numbness.

Dear reader, the stories in this world is full of oddity and sadness..but they’re also sprinkled with love and happiness and the warmness of summer. We just have to find the light to make it through the wintry fragile days. 



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