It is not sad. It is depressing.

My mind doesn’t tell me anything..only that it hurts. The feeling of being left by a friend- it is not sad. It is depressing.

I am frowning with all the frustration my eyebrows can arc. And the confusion inside my mind programs me to throw anything within arm’s reach. I feel like a child. I wish I were a child. Just so I wouldn’t have to deal with all this drama. Should I tell you, a random in a billion of the human population, my story?

Why the hell not?

I mean, isn’t that why I tell a story.

So it all began simple. I went through a break up and my BEST FRIEND so gratefully did me a favor by comforting the person who made my heart commit suicide.  Now his heart is fixed and mended and ready to beat to the tune of another sappy love song… And so now my best friend goes frolicking through the meadows into the sunset and into the pages of happily ever after with him, leaving her old family that stuck with her through all the ups and downs of high school’s roller coaster watching by at the sidelines.

We’ve talked once..twice..thrice..four times., but sadly, there is no such thing as talking her into some sense because she is madly in love and she forgot everyone behind the smile she carries today.

But dear reader, tell me…was she really my best friend? Tell me, am I the one at fault’s line? She was supposed to be my best friend. Four years of sisterhood and childishness and memories and mischief and trouble-making, all ending just because of one guy.

Dear reader, help me. Help me restore my faith in humanity.



  1. Forgive her. Bear her no ill will for how she made you feel. A real friend would have at least made sure you were okay, but things happen. If he does the same thing to her that he did to you, comfort her. Give her what she did not give to you. Show her what real friendship is. Until then, if it ever comes to pass, continue to live. Time can heal almost anything. God bless.

    1. thank you so are right. my physics once said said “when you were the one in the relationship, she supported you even if she had a crush on the its youre turn to support her”..only now that with your comment do i believe that I CAN do it.

      1. That’s great to hear. Have faith that God will bring happiness into your life again. He always finds a way to get you what it is you need. I enjoy your posts by the way! Keep up the good work.

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