Dear friend, why did we never love each other?

I didn’t need a warm mug of coffee. You’re sweetness contained enough caffeine to keep me awake until 2:04 a.m. We talked about the most random stuff like we are friends reunited. Then I thought to myself why we never worked out a relationship?

12:34 a.m.

Him: Hi.

Me: Hello.

It started like that then it went like this.

Him: Did you ever like me before?

Me: Yes.

Him: When did you stop?

Me: Stop what?

Him: Liking me.

Me: When you loved her.

And so that answered my first question.. It never worked out because it was as if he was speed dating and I cant keep track of who he’s holding hands with or singing songs to or reading books for. I was always the best friend that caught him when the ropes snapped. I stayed with him on the days of pure dullness and watch him crumble over the fragility of young love. Then maybe I fell in love a little..from time to time, I find my heart beating a different beat. Like my own circulatory organ designed a feeling that only happens with him.

But then time would pass..and he would recover. And he would find someone again. And maybe the tiny cracks I feel inside gave way for someone else to fix me.


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