I flew then fell…and they caught me.

I always thought that there is nothing more beautiful than a romantic sunset at the beach..I’ve often doubted that surely no  better song can ever replace your perfect voice.. Never did I imagine that on the days when all the “I love you”s stopped, there will always be more smiles to die for..more songs to sing..more jokes to tell..and more people to love.

Reader, I believe the universe taught me that it is not the flowers or roses..not even chocolates that make up the best moments in life. I don’t need anyone to kneel in front of me and offer me a lie. Instead, I only need the rifles behind my back..because in this battlefield, I am armorless. I am swordless.

But what I do have is an army.


In this world of hurt, the best blessings are the people who will willingly ease the pain..maybe even paint stars on the darkest of nights..people whose actions show the love of a bond stronger than any other tidal wave…a bond not formed through blood or marriage. But a bond of an eternal thread stitched up from the souls of misfits and unique origins..all forming the tapestry of friendship and family.

Dear reader, I am proud to say that life is a jerk..and fairness is the least thing it can give you. But I guess what we often fail to see is that life fills up every open fracture and bleeding wounds with such powerful unrivaled elation.. these are treasures to forever bury in the beyond of infinite sands of time.

We may be stars, still searching for the right galaxies we belong in, but through the journey, it is our nature to cross and build our own constellations fathomed through all the days and light years we will walk through. And no matter how many miles are in between our laughs, we will always carry a piece of each other.


And dear reader, I learned that there is no sweeter thing in this world than to hear your name be called by the people of your own tribe of misfits…the people of the termite-infested room.

Truly, one who finds his wings can fly and travel through the beyond…collecting scars and making the most beautiful stories..legends to one day tell.

Finally, I am at bliss…a wounded soldier with a library of treasures.


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