Unspoken Words of Betrayal

Look at your best friend. She’s crying.

Look at her all crumpled up in a pitiful state against the tiles of the bathroom wall. Her eyes, still gentle and black..but look closer, its dark…as if the soul has been sucked out of it. Watch her cry, her cherry blossom lips bleeding from all the staggering words she’s been dying to tell you. Imagine all the hurt she is carrying now. 

With red on her cheeks, she smiles to you and says “I’m okay.”

She’s your bestfriend. And you’re sending clouds of rain above her once so perfect blue skies. She’s miserable. But you’re happy. So why sacrifice, right?

And so dear reader, I go on and watch her take what once was mine. And so I go on and write unspoken words. I never thought I was the damsel in distress. Well jokes on me now. 

Watch me. One day, I’ll defy gravity. 


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