Will the universe conspire in my favor?

We were walking by the shore, waiting for the sun to set and hoping for the cliche romantic day at the beach.

“February 14 is Valentine’s Day, right?”

I roll my eyes.

“Nope. It’s the day cupid’s arrows hit the wrong people, then they fall in love get hurt and soon enough they start skipping February 14.”

“Why do you have to be so sarcastic?”

I smirk. We stop and he squeezes my hands. Our eyes met.

“You ask the obvious so I answer with the unorthodox”

He smiled. And in my lips were his lips. The sky wore the color where red and orange meet. And dear reader, it was no cliche moment like in the movies. Love is built on how well two pieces fit and misfit. And maybe, I myself would have to wait for the most perfectly flawed sunset to stop writing my words and start living them. 

And maybe, if the universe conspires in my favor..he would come. And he would come in style.


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