I wrote this during our physics class. Don’t tell my teacher. II

A continuation from the previous post 🙂 enjoy!

And so on that day, the universe made the sky cry.

My mind was flying everywhere, and I was late. I’m never late.

So it this is what happened: the universe stared upon me and suddenly decided to crash a car in the middle of the bridge making the road packed with angry drivers, impatient passengers and busy cars. And in the green Honda car just 5 meters from the crash, was me- the curly-haired girl who cursed to the wind with her cherry blossom lips that blended so poorly with her honey-brown skin. My fingers were clutching my books. I was just so anxious to make it to my first class- Physics.

My name is Jules- smart girl, unnoticed, never been kissed and never been in love.

But for a wise girl, the heavy traffic drove me mad! I guess the universe finally triggered the stupidity in me when I suddenly out of nowhere left the car without my mom noticing and ran to the nearest shed which was at least 50 meters away. Nice.

I ran to the edge of the bridge, crossed the road twice..almost got ran over..then reached a shed which barely protected me from the wrath of the heavy rain.

Stupidly forgetting I had an umbrella in my bag, I ran a few more meters to the gates of the school. (Dear reader, I really am smart, I promise.)

I was already coughing and panting and I could hardly stand. I’m smart but I would be the least athletic person in the school. (Dear reader, I know you raised your eyebrow when you read the word smart again. I swear, the universe really wanted to make me stupid that day.)

I sounded like a dinosaur who ran a 5-km marathon with no water and breaks. So it wasn’t long before the security guard heard me. He put down the papers he was reading, drank some coffee ans said “You’re late.” He smiled then offered me a towel.

“Thanks Bob.”I wished I had some hot choco.

7:28. Time gave me an unforgiving 2 minutes to get to class and not spoil my perfect attendance record. I ran, not even caring if I was soaking wet.

So imagine an orchestra playing in high creepy sounds to match every facial expression and every slip off I had as I ran from the hallway up the stairs and turning right and leaving a trail of water everywhere. My heart was beating as fast as lighting.

The corridors were empty and I heard a scream build up inside of me but I was just too tired to let it out. Echoing through the the silent halls was my gasping breath which was a mixture of frustration and anger. But I did not stop trying to beat the clock. And in a fraction of a second, my panicked footsteps faded away in silence when at the end of the hall I saw Mr. Alex’s hand reached for the door knob and closed the door. It happened in kind of a slow mo thing like in the movies when you hear the clock ticking even if you don’t have a watch and you reach out your hands and try to jump then when you crash to the floor you hear every thud of the body falling to the ground. It’s the kind of scenes you play back and forth in fast forward.

It was in that moment when everything started to sink in. I suddenly felt the throbbing ache in my knees and legs. I was crying. My books-ruined. My bag and everything inside-now swimming in a pool of rain. But worst of all- I was late.

It was the fisrt time I was late in class. Everyday I made it a habit to wake up hours before class starts just so I could make it, get the front row seats and prepare myself for every class. Being at the top of the class was always a prioprity for me because being good in academics is the only thing I had that I loved. I wasn’t pretty. Actually, I would be the most compatible epitome of an ugly duckling with dry hair and rabbit teeth and bushy hair that everyone laughed at. I’m fat, not even near 5’5 and I was never athletic nor charismatic. I’m a nerd with no nerd-friends because I was too different. The way my braces and glasses accessorised my face was weird. Even for the weird people, I was too weird.

So all I have is a collection of unsaid words, a calculator that only I loved and understood, a passion for numbers and everything scientific.

Weak from running, I collapsed to the side of the wall beside the closed door that kept mocking me with its shiny knob. My mouth- now filled with so many unheard profane words. I hugged my legs and let out a disappointed breath.

But in that moment, the universe smiled. He was coming. And he was perfect.



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