I wrote this during our physics class. Don’t tell my teacher. I

Maybe it’s the way he walks that makes my heart skip a beat.

Or maybe it’s the look upon his face when his lips curve that makes me stare and wonder.

I guess it’s the way he cried when he talked about his brother…the way his boal-black eyes turned into a pool of mystery and misery.

Is it the way he respects a prayer when he hears one..when he stops and listens to every word and carry on when it’s done.

I guess it’s the way he broke my heart that makes me crave for more.

It was an ordinary once upon a time when the prince met the princess and the wind just so decided to blow upon the damsel’s hair exposing her brown gentle curls, and maybe the trees had nothing better to do than to sway so beautifully to the groove of the moment when the birds sing in perfect harmony of fire and ice and the sun sets as his knee touches the ground…our eyes glued to each other. The princess says yes and they go frolicking into the meadows dancing to the pages of happily ever after.


No. It didn’t happen that way. I wished it did. But no.

It happened with the universe who so wanted to test the brainy child and see how she does with the game of love.


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